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The Baptist Missionary Association of America was established in 1950 by former members of the American Baptist Association and continues its parent body's belief in the pre-Protestant origins of the Baptists.

After leaving the American Baptist Association over issues related to church representation, the Association was organized at Little Rock, Arkansas, although it was originally named the North American Baptist Association, taking its current name in 1968.

The Baptist Missionary Association of America is strongest in the South, but it has member churches across the United States and in several other countries, largely due to its strong missionary emphasis. Foreign countries with churches affiliated with the Baptist Missionary Association usually have their own national association, such as the Baptist Missionary Association of Africa, the Baptist Missionary Association of the Philippines, and the Baptist Missionary Association of Australia.

The Association has a strong publications department that publishes literature for Sunday School classes and training courses, as well as pamphlets, tracts, magazines, and books, as well as a printing business in Brazil, where its literature is published in Portuguese for use in Africa and Europe. Its publishing ministries are known as Lifeword Media Ministries and DiscipleGuide Church Resources, both in Conway, Arkansas. A worldwide radio ministry is also supported.

The Association owns the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary, which has campuses in Jacksonville, Texas and in Conway, Arkansas, as well as an online program. The Association also owns Central Baptist College, which had operated as Central College for fifty-five years before closing in 1947, to be reopened by the Association in 1952 under the name of Conway Baptist College, before taking its current name.

The Baptist Missionary Association of America is headquartered in Conway, Arkansas, which also hosts its missions offices. Most member churches also hold memberships in local and state associations, as well as the national body. Churches are fully autonomous, however. Regardless of church size, each local church has an equal voice in the cooperative ministries of the Association. Member churches are required to conform to the doctrines of the Association.

Member churches are theologically fundamental, having a strong emphasis on the inspiration and reliability of Scripture. They believe in direct creation by God, as well as the virgin birth and deity of Jesus Christ, his blood atonement, justification by faith, salvation by grace alone, and the imminent return of Christ.

Members of the Baptist Missionary Association observe the ordinances of the Lord's Supper and the baptism of believers, and do not recognize baptisms that have occurred outside of Missionary Baptist churches. As a Landmark Baptist church, the Association holds to the historic succession of independent Baptist churches from the time of Christ.

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