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Regular Baptist is a collective term used to refer to a number of denominations that are moderately Calvinistic, and largely in the Southern United States.

Although there are differences between one Regular Baptist denomination and another, the Regular Baptists represent the theology of the original English Baptists before they split into Particular and General Baptist factions, one taking a strict Calvinist stance, the other Arminian. The Regular Baptists developed in the United States, but were influenced by the Particular and General Baptist churches.

The number of Regular Baptists outgrew the General (Free) Baptists in the early 1700s, as many General Baptists became Regular Baptists. By 1790, most of the Baptist churches in the United States were Regular Baptists. Their number dropped considerably in the early 1800s, however, when most of the Regular Baptist churches merged with the Separate Baptists to form the United Baptists. Some have continued to refer to themselves as Regular Baptists, though.

The General Association of Regular Baptist Churches split from the American Baptist Convention in 1932, largely over modernistic tendencies and teachings by the ABC, including the denial of the historic principle of autonomy for local congregations, and the control of missions work by the Convention. The GARBC follows a fellowship rather than a denominational model, in which local churches are free to act independently in all matters, while the Association exists for fellowship purposes.

The Old Regular Baptists are found largely in the Appalachian region of the United States. When the majority of Regular Baptists merged with the Separatists in the early 19th century, this group began a series of name changes, from Regular Baptist to Regular United, Regular Primitive, Regular Baptist, and Old Regular, as they are now known. Some Old Regular churches originated from other associations and groups.

The theology of the Old Regular Baptists is that of election by grace, although there are differences of opinion within the group concerning election and predestination. The doctrine of Old Regular Baptists can range from absolute predestination to the belief that people are free moral agents, with most holding a view that is somewhere in between.

Some consider the Old Regulars to be a branch of the Primitive Baptists that hold to a stricter order but were more liberal in doctrine. There have been a number of splits within the Old Order Baptists over the years, some forming other Regular Baptist associations.

Union Baptists began during the American Civil War, as churches and associations were torn apart over secession, war, and reconstruction. Union Baptist groups arose in the border areas of Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Today, there are no known churches of this small denomination in any other areas. There are no significant differences in theology or doctrine between the Union Baptists and the Regular Baptists.

Additionally, there are several associations of independent Regular Baptists, which can be found throughout the country. Although their doctrine may differ wildly, the independent churches tend to be conservative, but closer to Arminian than Calvinist.

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