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As the name suggests, Seventh Day Baptists observe a Saturday Sabbath. The movement began in England in the mid-1600s, then spread to the British colonies in North America. Today, Seventh Day Baptists are strongest in India and the United States.

In the early 1600s, the Baptist movement was underway in England, and Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth of Nations allowed for a greater degree of religious freedom. By the time this ended, shortly after the death of Cromwell, those who were associated with the Seventh Day Baptist movement were willing to accept the punishment rather than renounce their convictions.

Seventh Day Baptism came to North America with Stephen and Ann Mumford in 1665, as he is named as an advocate for a seventh-day Sabbath in several records of the time. The first Seventh Day Baptist church on the continent was established. in Newport, Rhode Island in 1671, where they were originally known as Sabbatarian Baptists. Soon there were other churches in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, then Connecticut, New York, and Virginia.

In the 1730s, a group of German Baptists in Ephrata, Pennsylvania adopted Seventh-day Sabbatarianism and, in 1814, the German Religious Society of Seventh Day Baptists was formed. The Seventh Day Baptist General Conference was organized in 1802.

The Seventh-day Adventists, established in 1863, while not a splinter group of the Seventh Day Baptists, were influenced by them, and they maintained a relationship for a time.

Founded in 1864, the Seventh Day Baptist World Federation now includes more than fifty thousand members in more than twenty countries, including India, the United States, England, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Jamaica, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Poland. The Seventh Day Baptist General Conference has members in the above countries, as well as Germany, Guyana, Malawi, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, the Philippines, and South Africa.

Other than the day on which they meet for Sabbath, the beliefs of Seventh Day Baptists are very similar to those of other Baptists. Given their belief, which is shared with other Baptist organizations, in the autonomy of the local church, there are differences in doctrine within the Seventh Day Baptist churches. The basic beliefs of the Seventh Day Baptists included baptism of believerss through immersion, non-liturgical worship, separation of church and state, and religious freedom.

Active Seventh-day Baptist organizations today include the Seventh Day Baptist World Federation, the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference, the Association of Seventh Day Baptists, the Australasian Conference of Seventh Day Baptists, Seventh Day Baptists in the Netherlands, the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference of the United States and Canada, and the Brazilian Conference of Seventh Day Baptist Churches.



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