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The focus of this category is on websites whose purpose is to introduce Islam to outsiders and those who are new to the faith.

Although approximately one-fourth of the people on earth are Muslim, most non-Muslims know very little about Islam. Appropriate topics for this category should introduce readers to Islam, including its principles, rituals, history, and an overview of what the religion is all about.

Topics in this category might include a brief introduction to the history of Islam, beginning with the Prophet Muhammad, the revelation of the Qur'an, the Prophetic mission, and the basic elements of Islam, as well as a survey of the development of Islamic beliefs and practices following the death of the Prophet, and the creation of Islamic empires. Other topics may include the relationships of Islam with other Abrahamic religions.

General information about the Muslim pillars of faith, ritual practices, fundamental tenets, obligations, and prohibitions may also be included, along with definitions, priorities, and the importance of social action in Islam, as well as a discussion of some of the challenges facing Islam today.

These may include such sensitive topics as sharia law, the forms of jihad, the status of women in Muslim life, polygamy, slavery, and violence, all designed to give non-Muslims a better understanding of Islamic teachings.

However, sites whose focus is on Muslim apologetics should be submitted to the Apologetics category, and those intended to provide Muslims with the resources necessary to expand their faith, to enhance their understanding of their obligations to Allah, and to more effectively participate in Islamic goals and strategies, would be more appropriately submitted to the Islamic Resources category.

Although some of the websites that are likely to be listed in this category may include a discussion of the Sunni-Shi'a schism, as well as other Islamic denominations and sects, those that are focused on denominational matters should be submitted to the Denominations & Sects category, or one of its subcategories.



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