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Quranism may refer to a number of sects or forms of Islam that accepts the Quran as the only sacred text, rejecting the authority or authenticity of the Hadith collections.

Quranists (or Quranites) believe that the Prophet Muhammad left a clear and complete message in the Quran and that it can be interpreted properly without reference to the Hadith. Most Quranists consider the Hadith to be unreliable, as it was written three centuries after the death of the Prophet.

The extent to which Quranists reject the authenticity of the Sunnah varies from group to group, but most have questioned the authority of the Hadith, as it was not put into writing until two or three centuries after the death of the Prophet, and they can point to contradictions between the Hadith and the Quran.

Quranism has its roots in the time of the Prophet Muhammad. Ibrahim an-Nazzam, a poet, theologian, and jurist, founded a madhhab called the Nazzamiyya, during the Abbasid Caliphate, which relied solely on the Quran. His student, al-Jahiz, was also critical of Muslims who gave credence to the Hadiths, referring to them as contemptible.

In modern times, Quranist through came from Salafism, as a rejection of taqlid, which refers to the conformity of one teaching to another.

Contemporary Quranist organizations include Ahle Qur'an, the Submitters, Kala Kato, the Qur'an Sunnat Society, and the Malaysian Quranic Society. Websites whose topics are focused on either of these, or other Quranic organizations that have not been mentioned here, are appropriate for this category or its subcategories.

Ahle Qur'an was formed by Abdullah Chakralawi, who referred to the Quran as the most perfect hadith, insisting that it didn't need any additions. The Ahle Qur'an movement relies solely on the chapters and verses of the Quran.

The Submitters organized as the United Submitters International, and are associated with Rashad Khalifa. They are a reformist Islamic community that considers the Quran to be the only authentic and authoritative source of Islamic teachings and rejects any additions such as the Hadith and Sunnah. Khalifa was assassinated in 1990, but the organization remains active.

Kala Kato is a Nigerian Quranist organization that is most active in the Samburu region of the ancient Nigerian city of Zaria. The view of Kala Kato adherents is not that they don't believe in Hadiths, but that they don't use the Hadiths as a guide for worship.

The Qur'an Sunnat Society is an Indian Quranist movement headquartered in Kerala.

The Malaysian Quranic Society was founded by Kassim Ahmad, a writer, and theologian, who wrote two books in Malay that criticized the role of Hadith, and urged Muslims to return to the Quran alone. The Malaysian Quranic Society also opposes the veneration of the Prophet Muhammad, and does not accept that hair is part of the awrah, which relaxes the observance of the hajib for Muslim women.

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