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This category focuses on sites offering resources on Judaism for the Jewish people, as opposed to that intended to introduce Judaism to non-Jews.

These may include directories of Jewish synagogues, schools, organizations, or other resources, as well as the writings of Jewish rabbis, scholars, authors, leaders, and others. Audio, video, or textual archives of their writings, sermons, and lectures may also be included.

Personalities in Judaism who might appear here include, but are not limited to, Judah ha-Nasi, Kahina Dahiya bint Thabbita ibn Tifan, Saadia Gaon, Rashi, Abraham ibn Ezra, Moses Maimonides, Abraham Abulafia, Gracia Nasi, Baal Shem Tov, and Moses Mendelssohn, as well as contemporary Jewish leaders.

Sacred Jewish literature is listed in a separate category, and those relating to specific Jewish movements are listed within the Denominations & Sects category, or its subcategories.

Jewish dictionaries, encyclopedias and concordances, Hebrew language resources, Jewish history, genealogy, and Jewish Holocaust studies, and genealogical resources may be included here.

Book stores specializing in Judaism or Jewish resources are welcome here.

Biographical accounts of historical and contemporary Jewish rabbis, scholars, authors, and other leaders are appropriate for this category.

Topics related to world Jewish communities are also suitable for this category, as well as any other resources intended for the Jewish community that might not have been specifically named here.



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