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Used in New Age healing practices, crystals are solid objects, such as stones, that are either clear or colored, yet transparent.

Many common substances, like salt, sugar, quartz, and diamonds, form crystals, which can be shaped so as to vibrate at a specific frequency, which is what powered early radios. New Age practitioners believe that crystals transmit cosmic energy in much the same way that they do when used in a radio, and that they can be used to heal, to maintain wellness, bring spiritual power, fortune, and the like. Although New Agers most often use them for psychic healing, they may also be used to induce pregnancy, for guidance in making decisions, or even for telling fortunes, a purpose for which they have been used since at least the 1st century AD.

Because of their transparency and symmetrical shapes, crystals are one of the focal points for New Age mythology. Believing that everything in the spiritual realm operates according to scientific laws, the role of crystals stems from the idea that spiritual and healing energies transmit at very high vibration levels or frequencies. Since crystals are good for transmitting electronic frequencies, the New Age assumption is that they must be good for transmitting psychic frequencies, as well.

New Age healers use crystals in a variety of ways.

Believing that crystals have the ability to preserve energies, some practitioners will seek to charge them with a specific feeling or emotion by holding the crystal tightly in the hand while focusing their mind on the emotion they want the crystal to express.

The shape and color of the crystal may also hold various qualities.

Chunks of a crystal can be used to increase the intensity of energy from a specific area, while cut crystals are recommended when a change is needed. Clusters can be used to increase feelings of safety or security, and single crystals that terminate with a sharp edge are appropriate for protective amulets, and for enlightening the mind of the person wearing the amulet.

Although not every New Age practitioner or author agrees on the possible meanings of crystal colors, New Agers accept that specific colors have specific qualities. For example, a blue crystal might signify peace, while white means purity or ingenuity.

New Agers hold that each stone vibrates a certain energy at a fixed rate, known as its dominant oscillatory rate. Human beings, on the other hand, vibrate at varying rates, as each cell in the human body has its own rate. It is believed that the steady rate of the crystal can help to balance the fluctuating rate of the human body, thus aiding healing. It gets more complicated than that, and the field of New Age medicine that deals with such matters are known as vibrational medicine.

Generally speaking, New Agers do not believe that the simple act of holding or touching a crystal is enough to complete the healing process, even if the right crystal were to be chosen. Also important are the inner thoughts and, in some cases, that of the New Age healer is also significant. A common technique, known as affirmations, are the positive messages that the practitioner transmits. These messages need to be done on three levels: auditory, visual, and emotional.

Specific types of crystals may also be important. As examples, bloodstone and citrine are believed to be good for concentration, while opal and topaz are used for energy, and diamond, fluorite, and yellow jasper can aid in protection.

The maintenance of the right balance between the major chakras in the body is also essential. Chakras are a reference to the inner vibrations and energies within the body that are in perpetual movement, constantly rotating. These chakras are aligned along the spinal cord, upward to the top of the head.

There are seven major chakras. The recommended crystals for the root chakra, at the base of the spine, are garnet, black tourmaline, obsidian, and smoky quartz. The spleen chakra may be served by carnelian agate, tiger's eye, or orange calcite, and the solar plexus chakra can be brought into balance through the proper use of yellow calcite, citrine, or topaz. Recommended for the heart chakra are kunzite, tourmaline, or pink quartz, and azurite or aquamarine can be used for the throat chakra. The third eye chakra, located above the physical eyes, may need lapis lazuli, amethyst, or sodalite, while the crown chakra, at the top of the head, can be served by an amethyst, clear quartz crystal, or Oregon opal.

Commonly used crystals for curing stress are amethyst, aquamarine, clear quartz, fluorite, moonstone, rose quartz, or smokey quartz. Meditation and affirmation are also used, and a crystal stone may be worn as an amulet for better results.

The uses of crystals in New Age healing techniques are the focus of topics in this category.


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