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Also known as caskets, coffins are funeral boxes that are used for the display and containment of deceased persons, either for burial or cremation. In American English, a coffin has six sides, whereas a casket is a four-sided rectangular box, but they are most often considered to be synonymous terms. A coffin may be buried in the ground, placed into a burial vault, or cremated along with the body. Widely different styles of coffins are used in various cultures and religions. The container that is used to hold the ashes and materials produced by cremation is referred to as an urn. Funerary urns are also known as cinerary urns, burial urns, or cremation urns. Cremations urns of various quality, designs, and costs are offered within the funeral industries. Only sites that offer the online sale and wide distribution of products should be included in this category, or its subcategories.


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