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Examples of sports played with balls include baseball where each team tries to score more runs than the other by hitting a small ball with a bat and running around four bases to score one point. Basketball, played on a rectangular court with baskets at each end of the court, and points are scored by throwing a large ball through the assigned basket. Field hockey, both teams compete, using a curve-ended stick to drive a small ball into the other team's goal. Football where teams defend their goal from the other team. Cricket, players score runs by hitting the ball with a wooden bat, each side attempting to exchange wickets with the other side. Soccer players use any part of their bodies except their arms and hands to advance the ball to the goal where the goalies, the only players allowed to use their hands, seek to prevent it from passing through the goal. Rugby is similar except that the players can use their hands as well as tackle. Volleyball players attempt to keep the ball in motion as it is hit over a net, striking the ball back and forth until it finally touches the ground. Other sports include bowling, where players stand at one end of an alley and attempt to wooden targets by rolling balls at them, croquet, played with long-handled wooden mallets with which the player knocks wooden balls through metal wickets, and golf, played with clubs which have metal or wooden heads with which the player attempts to hit a very small ball into a series of holes in the ground.




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