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Bodybuilding is the practice of muscle development whereby bodybuilders use weightlifting and diet to make the muscles of the body conspicuous. Competitive bodybuilding requires the athlete to define and re-define all of the muscles in his or her body, using fat loss, dehydration, oils and tanning to emphasize leanness and increasing the visibility of the veins, using progressive resistance exercise to control the musculature. In competition, bodybuilders stand in lineups and pose apply tension to various muscles to add to the visual perception of their muscles. One popular method of preparation for competition is that seven to ten days before a contest, many bodybuilders cut their consumption of water and sodium in order to change the way their bodies retain the water, as well as carbohydrates in order to reduce the glycogen in the muscles. The day preceding the competition, the athlete carboloads in order to enhance the size of the muscles when they are replenished with glycogen.



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