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Known as horseback riding or riding sports, equestrian sports include such things as both English and Western riding. Western riding has its beginnings in the cowboy profession and showed off cattle-working skills. Although they look very different, the two styles are really more alike than they are disparate, and it is mainly the saddles which are different. Western saddles have a prominent tree and a pommel with a knob on top which originally for tying a lariat after a cowboy roped an animal. They have a deep seat, and the stirrups are wider than English riding saddles. Riders of western horses keep a loose rein controlled by one hand. Steeplechasing has a horse racing over turf with hedges, artificial ditches, and other obstacles over which the horse jumps. Vaulting is the performance of gymnastics while on a horse and is frequently viewed in circuses and other exhibitions. Polo is a team sport which is played while the team is on horseback. The point of the game is to score points by driving a small ball into the opposite team's goal using a long mallet. Dressage is a competitive sport where the horse and its rider perform a series of movements which have been memorized by both. Horse racing includes times running both with and without a saddle, known as under saddle and in harness, respectively. Under saddle types of races include thoroughbred horse racing, steeplechasing, American quarter horse racing, endurance riding, Arabian horses, and ride and tie.



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