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A racquet is a lightweight piece of equipment which consists of a handle which is attached to an oval or circular open frame which has a handle attached and is used to strike a ball or shuttlecock in racquet games. Racquet games, where players use a racquet to hit a moving object which is usually a small ball or a shuttlecock, which is a small round piece of rubber or cork which is attached to a cone which has feathers and is used in the game of badminton or battledore. Racquet games include tennis, badminton, jai alai, squash, or racquetball, to name a few. Tennis is played on a court against either one or two opponents. The players use a racket to hit a hollow felt-covered ball over a low net with the goal of depriving the opponent of the ability to return the ball. Badminton is a similar game, but it is played with a shuttlecock instead of a ball and the serve must be hit below waist height, players must stand inside their service courts, and the shuttlecock is not allowed to bounce. Jai alai is designated as "the fastest sport in the world" as far as games played with balls. The players bounce a ball off of walls using a basket-like racquet called the xistera or cesta. Squash is played in a court which has four walls against which a small rubber ball is hit by a racquet.




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