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Competitive running, whether racing for speed, competing against oneself, or testing for endurance, is an ever-popular form of competition. Track running are relay or individual races which has athletes racing around an oval track. Road running is conducted on established roads, generally made of asphalt. These races are usually a long distances and include marathons, half marathons, and 10K races. A marathon is a long-distance running event which is 26 miles, 385 yards and was created as a celebration of the story of the run from Marathon to Athens by Greek courier Phiedippides, who carried the news of victory of the Greeks over the Persians at the Battle of Marathon. According to the story, he then dropped dead. There are more than 500 organized marathons around the world. Half marathons, which are challenging but do not require the taxing training a marathon requires, are races which are 13.1904 miles long. Cross country races are run over rough terrain such as mud, hills, grass, water, and flat ground.





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