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Table games include board games, card games, dice games, table hockey, puzzles and mazes. Board games generally involve pieces which are moved or placed at specific positions on the game board according to rules. Games like Monopoly and Life are examples or traditional board games, as are chess, checkers, and backgammon. Card games of all sort, whether they are played with a regular poker deck, pinochle deck, or Uno, Go, Old Maid, or any other deck of cards, and dice games of all sorts. Table hockey, sometimes called stick hockey or board hockey, is a game where two players manipulate rods which are attached to figures, sliding them back and forth within a slot in an attempt to simulate hockey players and win the game. Puzzles, enigmas which test the intelligence, knowledge, or ingenuity of the person who is attempting to solve it. Picture puzzles, such as jigsaw puzzles and sliding puzzles, logic puzzles, and paper & pencil puzzles are just a few. A maze is a tour puzzle in which the solver seeks to find a route to the end.


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