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Track & field is a broad sport which is made up of several events including pole vaulting, shot putting, hammer throwing, broad jumping, relay races, sprints, and long distance races. Pole vaulting is an event which has the athletes use a long and flexible pole to vault themselves up and over an extremely high crossbar. The athlete sprints down a runway toward the bar, which is on two uprights, gathering speed. The pole is carried upright and is then lowered as the runner gets closer to the bar. The runner then plants the pole and launch into the air and over the bar. The broad jump, or long jump, is a track and field event in which the athletes compete in a contest to see who can jump the furthest distance distance from a standing position. Track and field meets are commonly held as all-day events, usually at a school or sports club. Track and field events is where many Olympian athletes come from. A relay race is one in which each member of a team of runners or swimmers takes turns racing toward the finish line, and hands off a baton to the runner who will run or swim the next leg. A sprinter is a participant in a short race which is run at a very high burst of speed, while long distance or endurance runner runs in distances of more than 3.1 miles in an aerobic race which requires stamina.



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