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Sports which are played in or on the water. Swimming and diving, both of which are self-explanatory, are played in the water, as are water polo, which is a two-team game where each team attempts to score by sending a large ball the other team's goal. Snorkeling is the practice of swimming under water with the help of a diving mask, fins, and a snorkel through which the swimmer breathes. Synchronized swimming is a combination of swimming, gymnastics, and dance and consists of swimmers performing elaborate routines atop and beneath the water. Then there are events which take place above the water, such as white water rafting which is an activity which is accomplished by using an inflatable raft in order to navigate a river; water skiing, a sport wherein the skier planes over the water on long planks of wood or fiberglass while being pulled by a speedboat. Additionally, surfing, rowing, sailing, and kiteboarding are above-the-water water sports.



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