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How to Search for a New Job using Social Media

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Social media is changing the world that we live in everyday. While it used to be difficult keeping in touch with friends, family, peers, and colleagues, it is now as simple as the click of a button to connect with someone from your life. People have the ability to befriend, and reconnect with anyone that they have ever met throughout the course of their lives and not even have to get up from their desk. The world is at your fingertips with the utilization of social media for many aspects in your life; however, a relatively new way that social media is being utilized is for the advancement or beginning of new careers through accessing information through your social media network.

Social Media and the Job Search

The first progression of the job search process going online was that companies would post their job openings on their websites. Then companies created portals so that people could apply to jobs using the online facility. Next came the job search websites where companies can post their job openings to the website. And now there are social media sites where people can build an online resume and work portfolio and connect with other business professionals in an effort to advance their careers. People are able to advertise their skills and abilities through the social aspect of the social media sites, and then advance professionally through the networking part of the sites.

How to Search for Job Openings on Social Media

Typically on social media sites that are geared toward advertising job openings to interested individuals there will be a separate section of the site that is dedicated to the job search. In general you will be able to search for the company and look at the other people who work there and build an opinion on the company and if you think that the organization in general would be a good fit for the next step in your career; however, there will traditionally be a "jobs" tab that you can select.

Once you move to the "jobs" section of the social media site you will be able to search for specific criteria that will help you to narrow down your search. You will be able to filter by job type, location, part time vs. full time, etc. This will help you focus your search on only jobs that you would actually consider, instead of wasting your time filling out a hundred applications for jobs that you may or may not actually take if given the opportunity.

Why is it More Beneficial to Find a Job Through Social Media than Other Sources?

Many people wonder why they would apply through a social media site instead of the company’s website directly and if this is really more effective than other more traditional methods. Well, applying for jobs through social media outlets is quickly becoming a traditional method for people to apply for a new job. If you think about it rationally, if you have a job open that you were hiring for, would you spend a lot of your time interviewing a bunch of candidates that you did not have any connection with, or would you interview someone that was referred to you by a reliable source? It is a simple and honest answer for most people: they would sooner tap into their professional network than hire a complete stranger. This is why social media networking is so important.

Many people build their profiles for social reasons up front, and then end up tailoring their website to exhibit their professional qualities as well. This is not the worst idea. Starting your network on a non-threatening friendly and social level, building rapport and trust, and then slowly making the relationships more professional seems to be a very effective method. People work with people that they trust. If you can build trust within your professional network then you are in a good place to build business, and find a new career when it is time for the next step on your career path.

If you are looking for a new job then you would be wise to tap in to your social media network to find the next step on your career path.

By Richard McMunn. Richard is the author of this post and owner of How2become.com, the UK's leading training and recruitment specialist for careers. The focus is on providing applicants with the knowledge they need to pass any selection processes. The site currently offers over 140 different titles. You can also engage with How2become on Facebook.

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