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This portion of our web guide focuses on those services that unite prospective employees with employers, including recruitment, resume writing, assistance seeking jobs in all industries, and advancement within an industry.

It may also be applied to temporary placement services, or others in which personnel are provided on a temporary or long-term basis to perform work under the supervision or control of another when the personnel so provided receive their wages from the provider of the employment service or from a third party that provided the personnel to the provider.

Manpower and Kelly Services are examples of temporary employment agencies, which provides workers to a variety of businesses through short-term contracts or indefinite temporary positions. In a difficult job market, temp agencies can be a way for someone to put a foot in the door that leads to a permanent position, while others prefer working at a variety of temp jobs to working at the same job year after year.

Some temp agencies are viewed as a last resort, providing low-wage jobs for unskilled workers. However, other temp agencies specialize in providing highly skilled contract workers to a variety of industries, providing flexibility for employers and employees.

Often governmental or non-profit, employment agencies seek to match employers to employees. While often grouped together, as they have an overlapping business model and often provide the same services, employment (staffing) agencies usually offer a wider range of options and focus on the long-term needs of their clients rather than temporary employment.

Employment agencies and temp agencies both provide their corporate clientele with workers that match a particular skill set, a temp agency will hire workers themselves, placing them on consignment with a corporate client for a negotiated price, which provides an income for the worker and profit for the agency, in effect taking a portion of the worker's wages, although not directly.

While the focus of a temp agency is to provide for a corporate client's immediate need, an employment agency focuses more on a candidate's qualifications for permanent employment. Therefore, an employment agency will more carefully screen candidates for their qualifications to be hired by a corporate client, who wants someone who has the potential to stay and grow with the company. As such, an employment agency's screening process is longer and more in-depth, and may even include training candidates to fill a need in the job market.

Nevertheless, it is not unusual for a corporate client to buy out a temporary worker's contract with a temp agency if the company determines that an individual worker would be a good fit for a permanent position. The highest-paying job I have ever had began as a temporary placement through Manpower. I remained there until they closed the business twelve years later.

While some employment agencies focus on finding work for whoever might come to them seeking job prospects, others focus on a specific industry or industries.

Recruitment services might be set up by large corporations or organizations representing an industry, such as the healthcare, hospitality, or information science industries. However, staffing agencies are becoming more common because companies can save money by not having to conduct their own recruitment or screening programs, and staffing agencies offer a large network of job candidates and have the resources to find the right candidate for a job.

Career management refers to the process of an individual taking an active role in planning the future of their career through structured plans and both short-term and long-term goals. Career management systems include strategy, research, networking, and the regular evaluation of goals and strategies.

Other job placement or career management resources, such as resume writing, may also be appropriate for this category or its subcategories.




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