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The focus of this category isn't on science itself (we have another category for that), but on the industries that supply scientists and science facilities with the products they need to do their work.

Resources relating to science itself, and the branches of science, should be listed in the Science & Technology category of our guide. This section of the guide deals with the business of science, which includes the companies that design, manufacture, and distribute scientific equipment, instruments, chemicals, and supplies.

This might include companies manufacturing or distributing scientific instruments, which are those used for scientific purposes, such as the theoretical research or the study of natural phenomena. Of course, scientific instruments vary greatly in their complexity and purpose, from something as simple as rulers and thermometers to particle colliders, bioelectronics, and biological nanobots.

Instruments used in laboratories would also be appropriate for this part of our guide. These might include test tubes, beakers, petri dishes, microscopes, centrifuges, ultracentrifuges, equipment for chromatography, and that designed for laboratory automation, detection, and data-keeping. Several others could also be included here.

Equipment, instruments, chemicals, and supplies for biology, chemistry, or other school-based science laboratories could also be added here.

Online shopping sites carrying a variety of products should be listed in our Shopping & eCommerce category, and local businesses should be listed in the Local & Global category that represents the geographical location of the business. National or international manufacturers or distributors could be listed both here and in the applicable Local & Global category.





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