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Children's video games are not generally considered to be a genre, as children's games might include any or all of the other genres.

Nevertheless, parents often look for games that are likely to be appropriate and fun for their children, some game developers specialize in creating video games for children, and there are game sites that are focused on games for children.

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to determining just what is a children's video game, opinions will vary. Children and parents may disagree as to the definition, for example. There is also the fact that six-year-olds will have different interests than twelve-year-olds.

Although some of the children's video game sites will include games for teenagers, gamers who are in their teens are likely to have expanded interests that might not be served by the children's game genre. Generally, games that are considered to be children's games are those targeting children who are twelve and under.

For the most part, children's games are geared to the interests and capabilities of this younger age group, but yet are cognitively challenging. Children's games often encourage physical activity and collaboration and, while children's games include a lot of action games, graphic violence is generally limited or entirely absent, depending on the target age group.

Children may enjoy playing games that are graphically violent, but this is not what parents expect from a children's game. Most parents want to be aware of the content of the games that their children are playing, and to take responsibility for helping their children select the games that they play.

Children's video games should be fun, engaging, and encouraging of creativity. Generally speaking, a children's game should be not be overly frustrating or include images that are overly scary, or information that leads to questions that the child is not emotionally or intellectually prepared to handle.

Although some parents may object, a children's video game may well include those in the shooter or combat sub-genres, but without the graphic violence that has become a standard part of many video games today. Before computers or video games, children have grown up playing war games, or cops and robbers, using sticks or toy guns, and many of the classic children's stories and comic books have included violence. But these games and stories were accomplished without an abundance of graphic violence. Such is the case with action games developed for children.

While it is common for children's video games to teach something, as well as to entertain when the primary focus of the game is on education, then the site should be listed in the Education category.

The focus of this category is on websites representing video games targeted for the use of children, twelve and under.



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