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The number and variety of computer and video games are vast, and there are no established genres or criteria for defining the genres that have been agreed upon within the game development industries. Additionally, many computer games overlap game genres that are in use.

For this reason, the genres that we have established for the purpose of classification may be somewhat arbitrary.

A video game genre refers to a category of games that are related in some way, generally by similar characteristics of gameplay. Most often, video games are classified by the way in which the player interacts with the game rather than by the game setting. For example, a shooting game is a shooting game regardless of whether the setting is a Western, science fiction, or military.

Although we may not find a need to establish subcategories to represent subgenres here, there is such a thing. An adventure game might be a text adventure, a graphic adventure, a visual novel using anime-style art, an interactive movie, or a real-time 3D adventure.

Games developed to be played through a web browser or on a mobile device often overlap into multiple genres.

The broadest genre of video games are action games, and they may include action-adventure games, which involve the gathering of items, puzzle-solving, and combat.

Most popular board games or card games now have computer versions, which may be included as a genre of video games.

Additionally, computer games might be classified according to their purpose.

For example, Christian games often serve two purposes, to introduce non-believers to the religion through gameplay, and to provide Christians with games that are not offensive to the Christian faith.

Educational games are designed to use the game as the vehicle to a learning experience. Released in 1985, the Oregon Trail is a computer game developed by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium, designed to teach student players about pioneer life on the Oregon Trail in the 1800s. It has since been released in several editions and spin-offs. Released in 1989, Math Blaster spawned a series of educational video games used to teach math, language arts, and science.

As a form of educational game, serious games have been developed for the purpose of training or educating the player, typically used for the purpose of education, science, social change, health care, or the military. These games may have no defined ending or goal, but are used to teach life lessons.

Several games have also been introduced for the purpose of advertising and brand recognition. The first of this genre were distributed on floppy disk by Chef Boyardee, Coca Cola, and Samsung. Today, advertising games are mostly found in Flash games online.

Genres of computer games will be represented as subcategories of this category when we have enough listed sites to warrant creating the category.










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