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This is a guide to website design that has search engine optimization (SEO) at the forefront.

To be clearer, this is a guide to resources to assist you in designing a website that is optimized for the search engines, and to companies who specialize in this. For the sake of further clarification, this is not a guide to SEO companies that also do web design or to web design companies that also dabble in search engine optimization; it is for companies that specialize in creating websites that are SEO-optimized.

At the risk of bastardizing the chicken and the egg analogy, we might consider which comes first, the website or the SEO? Traditionally, in the Internet world, a website would be designed and uploaded to a server, and only then would the effort begin to help people find that site in a search engine. There are those, however, who question whether that is the right way to go about it.

When websites are created without regard to search engine optimization, a significant task for SEO specialist, who is later employed, is the back and forth with the web designer, recommending changes to the website for the purpose of search engine optimization. This can be a needless expense in terms of time and money.

SEO web design is intended to build the optimization into the design of the website from the beginning, and the best SEO web designers can do so without sacrificing either the appearance of the site to human visitors or to the search engine spiders who will later visit it. A website that is properly designed and built with the goal of performing well in search engine results pages will not only entice the search engine spiders, but it will also be attractive to human visitors.

While it is beyond the scope of this page to go into any detail, we can be sure that a website designed for human beings and the search engines will be optimized for mobile devices, or responsive to the various screen sizes through which visitors are apt to view the site.

The biggest issue in developing a site for search engine optimization is the structure of the site itself. The SEO web designer will be particularly careful to map out the structure of the site in advance, keeping in mind that new pages are going to be added to it in the future, and the internal linking structure can have a significant effect on its future placement in search engine results pages.

Code optimization is also important. Unnecessary code on a site can serve as an impediment to the search engine's ability to determine what the page is all about. This concern is known as the content to code ratio (CCR), which is a reference to the amount of content on a page in relation to the amount of code on that page. The lower the CCR, the more likely it is that the search engines are going to be able to properly index the content of the page. Although human visitors don't see the code, pages with low CCRs generally load faster.

These are a few of the basics involved in SEO web design. The resources listed below will provide you with additional information, and most of them are in the business of providing that service to you.



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