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This is a guide to search engine optimization (SEO) companies that specialize in promoting a specific type (or types) of a website or a particular business genre.

Most SEO firms will take on pretty much any client who can afford their fees, but some of them specialize in particular clients, such as real estate companies, dental offices, or the gaming industry, and there are those which may specialize in a number of niches.

Others might focus on specific types of sites, such as blogs, video sites, or even web directories.

Rather than providing a full range of search optimization, some companies might focus on one particular part of it, such as social media promotion. Unless a more appropriate category exists, as would be the case with Pay-Per-Click or Submission Services, these sites may be listed here, as well. Alternatively, a Niche SEO company might optimize for one specific search engine, such as Google.

Niche SEO firms might perform other services, or take on other clients, but if they specialize in a specific niche or niches, then this would be the appropriate category for their website.



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