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This is a guide to niche directories, which are web directories that focus on a particular industry, topic, or region.

There are several possible advantages in having your site listed in a niche directory. Because a niche directory is relevant to the nature of your business or website topic, any visitors that you receive from the directory are likely to be highly targeted, as a niche directory relevant to your site is likely to be visited by people who are interested in what you have to offer.

When your site is listed in a directory specific to the topic of your site, search engine algorithms are more likely to deem your business to be relevant to your keywords, which will benefit you when it comes to search engine results, as well. Although search engine algorithms change frequently and are kept a secret from the public, it is generally accepted that relevant backlinks are more valuable than those that are not relevant.

While a link that is placed in a relevant subcategory of a general directory passes the same relevance test, your link is likely to be buried more deeply in the category structure of a general directory than in a niche directory.

For example, if I were promoting a site for a youth baseball league based in Minneapolis, I might submit that site to the Aviva Directory's Sports & Recreation: Ball Games: Baseball: Leagues category and that would be a good place for it. I might also submit it to the directory's Local & Global: North America: United States: States: Minnesota: Cities & Towns: Minneapolis: Things to Do & Places to Go category. That one is several levels deep in the category structure but someone interested in Minneapolis is more likely to be interested in a youth baseball league in that city. Both would be good neighborhoods for my site.

However, the Baseball Leagues directory at baseballleagues.org would be another excellent place to submit my site. The Baseball Leagues directory is a niche directory focused on baseball, so it can be assumed that everyone visiting that directory has an interest in baseball. Plus, it would be listed at States: Minnesota, placing it only one level down from the top level, which is good for search engine optimization. Its placement in a directory of baseball leagues also tells the search engines that my site is indeed about baseball.

Both the Aviva Directory and the Baseball Leagues directory would be good homes for my site but if for some reason, I had to pick just one, I might choose the niche directory.

Niche directories might focus on any of a number of topics, such as art, automotive, aviation, business (or even a specific type of business), education, environment, ethnicities, games, health or medicine, various issues, military issues, pets or animals, real estate, religion, shopping, travel, web design, webmaster tools, or any others. Such a directory might be more or less specific. A directory of Christian churches would be a niche directory, but so would a directory that covers a wide range of religions.

The focus of this category is on niche directories, and appropriate listings are those that relate to niche directories.



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