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Consumer review networks are social networks in which users find, review, and share information about products and services.

These networks are growing in importance to businesses and consumers, as positive reviews serve to enhance a company's brand, resulting in new customers, while the public tends to give more significance to ratings and reviews from actual customers than to company advertising.

Several companies have incorporated customer reviews into their websites, such as Amazon. Consumer review networks take this idea and build networks around the review, making it a core part of what they provide to the public.

Among the more common consumer review networks are Yelp and TripAdvisor, both of which include social networking features.

With networks based in the United States and the United Kingdom, Yelp is a customer review site that uses crowd-sourcing to review restaurants, heating and air conditioning companies, and home services. Customers rate these businesses on a scale of one through five, and may leave comments regarding the products or services received. Members may also ask or answer questions.

Registered members of TripAdvisor rate and comments on restaurants, hotels, vacation rentals, flights, cruises, attractions, and other travel services, in much the same way as in Yelp.

Consumer review networks differ from other consumer review sites in that they look to the community to provide the reviews rather than to paid reviewers and experts. While the amount of social interaction on these sites tends to be somewhat limited, as compared so many other social networks, they do include some of the same features, such as member profiles and the ability to follow or to interact with other members.

The focus of this category is on consumer review networks, as defined above.


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