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The theme of this portion of our guide is product reviews, ratings, and information.

Websites featuring product reviews, with or without a rating system, and those allowing consumers to offer their opinions, evaluations, analyses, appraisals, suggestions, or information about products or services.

Consumer product reviews are opinions customers write about a company's products and services for others to read. The information on these websites can balance the advertisements or false claims of companies that manufacture or provide products or services. Customer reviews may present an unbiased, sometimes more accurate, product quality indicator. If nothing else, they present a consumer perspective that can be valuable to others considering buying the same product or engaging the same service.

Other topics that would be appropriate for this part of our guide include websites offering consumer tips, buyers' guides, and price comparisons.

Websites offering consumer tips might take the form of an online discussion forum highlighting a specific product or service, those provided by a specific company, or a wide range of commodities. It might also be a static website to which consumers contribute suggestions or other information.

Generally, these sites are consumer-to-consumer websites owned by individuals or organizations who don't represent the manufacturer of the product or service company. However, forums set up by a company to allow for consumer feedback, assistance, and conversation between consumers may also be listed here. Nevertheless, this is not a suitable place for company advertising or product manuals.

Buyers' guides provide information to people considering the purchase of a product or service so that they can make an informed decision. These guides usually include features, benefits, pros, cons, comparisons, testimonials, and answers to frequently asked questions about the product or service. They may also provide tips, advice, and recommendations as to the best choice based on the potential consumer's needs, preferences, budget, and goals. These would be appropriate for this portion of our guide, although company advertising would not.

Product and price comparison sites could be listed here, as they can help a consumer choose between similar options. An example might be a website that compares the features, benefits, disadvantages, and costs of different brands and models of electric razors and gives ratings, reviews, and suggestions as to which is best or the most affordable.

However, many of these websites are set up for no purpose other than for affiliate link clicks. While affiliate links do not disqualify a site from being listed here, the site will be evaluated to ensure that it adds value to our web guide. Otherwise, it's just affiliate advertising.

Professional organizations like Consumer Reports may also be listed here. Through its website and flagship magazine, Consumer Reports tests and analyses products and services, publishing its reviews and comparisons of consumer products and services based on reporting and results from its in-house testing laboratory and survey research facility. CR accepts no advertising, purchases the products it tests, and has no shareholders.


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