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A niche web hosting company is one that specializes in hosting a particular type of site, either a particular topic or a specific web technology.

This could involve a web hosting company that hosts sites for Boy Scout troops, for those representing a specific religion, labor union sites, adult sites, sports teams or leagues, or any other topic or genre. A niche hosting company might also specialize in hosting WordPress sites, Joomla sites, or other type of web technology. Other niche hosting companies might host photos, image files, or video, rather than websites.

Nearly all web hosts are able to host WordPress sites, and most of them would be willing to take on clients interested in hosting a Boy Scout site or a church site, but most web hosts do not specialize in a specific type of site.

The advantages of a niche web host is that they are familiar with the type of site that a client is interested in building. A hosting company that specializes in WordPress hosting will have everything required to smoothly and securely run a WordPress site, and the company's technicians will not only have expertise in the job of web hosting, but they will be familiar with WordPress as well, and may even offer managed WordPress hosting.

Web hosts whose clients are Boy Scout councils and troops generally offer software and web solutions specific for operating a Boy Scout site, including a public area to allow family and other interested people to know what the troop is up to, as well as a private area for scout leaders, scouts, and other volunteers, as well as a membership database, a calendar of events, photo albums, message boards, and the ability to collect donations or payments of fees online. Other resources specific to the Boy Scouts of America may also be included.

The above are merely examples. Whatever the nature of the niche, a niche web host specializes in hosting a particular type of website or serving a specific type of clientele.



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