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Written in TypeScript, BhaiLang is a toy programming language that simulates the syntax of coding in Hindi.

A toy programming language is one that is not intended to be suitable or even capable of building general-purpose or high-end software and applications. Toy languages are usually created for research, education, proof of concept, or for fun. While meeting the specifications of a programming language, BhaiLang was created by Indian engineers as an inside joke..

Created by Aniket Singh and Rishabh Tripathi, both Indian developers, the programming language was released on March 16, 2022. For the most part, its introduction was met with amusement on the Internet, although there was also criticism of it for being too informal and unprofessional.

BhaiLang uses bhai, which means "brother" in Hindi, in every instruction, such as hi bhai for the entry point, bye bhai for the exit point, bol bhai for printing to the console, bhai ye hai for variable declaration, agar bhai and warna bhai for conditionals, jab tak bhai for loops, and bas kar bhai for breaking a loop.

The language is available from GitHub through an MIT License.



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