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First appearing in 2003, Boo was one of three scripting languages for the Unity game engine, Unity Technologies, which employed Rodrigo B. De Oliveira until its support for the language was dropped in 2014.

The Boo compiler was removed from the game engine in 2017, and De Oliveira has since abandoned the programming language, with development being taken over by Mason Wheeler.

Boo is free software under the BSD 3-Clause license, and is compatible with the Microsoft .NET and Mono frameworks.

Influenced by C#, Genie, Python, and Vala, Boo is a language for .NET that has a clean, Python-like syntax with powerful features. The language is statically typed and compiled, and its features include first class functions, generators, closures, and lists. It is interoperable with other .NET assemblies. Although it runs better on Windows, it will run on Linux and Mac, if you're running Mono.

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