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Begun as an extension of C2, the C3 programming language is based on C but has expanded the language considerably.

Headed by Bas van den Berg (who also headed the development of C2), the developers sought to evolve the language while retaining familiarity for C programmers. Still under active development, as of this writing, C3 has retained the C syntax and paradigms as far as possible while adding some higher-level conveniences, such as modules, generics, macros, and error handling. It is fully compatible with the C application binary interface (ABI), allowing seamless integration with existing C libraries and code.

Due to its compatibility with C, it is possible to mix code from C and C3 in the same project. For example, a developer could take source code written in C and convert a section of it to C3, then compile it with the C3c compiler without difficulty.

Design principles included staying close to C, changing things only when there was a significant need while adding conveniences when the value is great, avoiding big ideas in order to achieve flawless integration with C, and making learning C3 easy for C programmers.

Precompiled binaries for Windows x64, Debian x64, and macOS x64 are available for downloading from the C3 GitHub repository, which includes installation instructions, and a full manual for the language can be found on its official website.



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