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As its name might suggest, CoffeeScript compiles to JavaScript. The programming language was strongly influenced by Haskell, Python, and Ruby.

The language was announced in late 2009, and the first stable release came about a year later. Its first compiler was written in Ruby, but every compiler since version 0.5 has been written in CoffeeScript. CoffeeScript was included with version 3.1 of Ruby on Rails. The syntax of CoffeeScript is clearly inspired by Ruby and Python, as it implements many of the features of these languages.

Among the advantages of using CoffeeScript rather than JavaScript is that it is succinct, taking less code to write, and producing clean and readable JavaScript. In other words, a large application can be created with a small amount of code. Many of its features, such as array comprehensions, prototype aliases, and classes, reduce the amount of typing required. Any unnecessary brackets and parenthesis can be omitted if need be.

The language uses a curated selection of JavaScript features while excluding some of JavaScript's oddities. Although it compiles to JavaScript, in the end, it doesn't require as much coding as JavaScript does. Because it compiles CoffeeScript code into JavaScript, there is no interpretation at runtime.

In CoffeeScript, everything is almost treated as an expression.

The focus of this category is on the CoffeeScript programming language, as well as any compilers developed for the language, IDEs, editors, or other tools. CoffeeScript user groups, forums, tutorials, or guides are also appropriate for this category.



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