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Concurnas is an open-source Java VM language designed for building reliable, scalable, high-performance concurrent, distributed, and parallel systems.

Designed in 2019 as an open-source Java Virtual Machine (VM) programming language, Concurnas presents a progressive, dead easy model of Concurrent computing, offers first-class GPU computing support, and other features suited for modern software systems engineering.

Concurnas is an open-source Java VM programming language that aims to address the challenges of building reliable, scalable, and high-performance systems. The core objectives of its design were to simplify concurrent and parallel computing, making it easier for developers to harness the power of modern multi-core CPUs and GPUs, as well as interoperability with Java. Concurnas programmers can leverage existing Java software within a concurrent environment. Concurnas seamlessly integrates with Java and other Java VM languages. Safety and productivity were also important. In Concurnas, developers write fewer lines of code, resulting in code that is safer and more testable. This boosts productivity and enhances software quality.

Concurnas was inspired by Python and Java. The language adopts an easy-to-learn syntax influenced by Python and Java. It is statically typed and garbage collected. As a compiled language running on the Java VM, Concurnas inherits Java's excellent performance. Concurnas easily scales from small research prototypes to worldwide distributed production solutions.

As an open-source language, Concurnas is freely available for use and modification, with ongoing development and commercial support provided by Concurnas Ltd.

Influenced by Python and Java, the syntax of Concurnas resembles Python, while retaining the performance benefits of Java. It builds on Java's strength but simplifies concurrent programming, and it eliminates boilerplate code related to threads and locks. It provides a more approachable syntax for concurrent programming than C++ or Go.

Concurnas is particularly adapted for applications in finance, scientific computing, and startups.

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