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Designed in the late 1990s by Steve Ward, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at MIT, the programming language is currently developed and maintained by Curl Inc.

Curl is a reflective object-oriented language that is used for interactive web applications, facilitating the embedding of complex objects in simple documents without the need to switch between programming languages or development platforms.

Originally, Curl consisted of just an interpreter, but a compiler was later added. Programs created with Curl can be compiled into Curl applets, which are viewed using the Curl runtime environment (RTE) with a plugin for web browsers. It also supports detached applets, which are web-deployed applets that run on the user's desktop independent of the browser window, as in Silverlight 3 and Adobe AIR.

Curl is a markup language, similar to HTML, with plain text shown as text. At the same time, Curl includes an object-oriented programming language that supports multiple inheritances. Curl applications are not required to observe the separation of information, style, and behavior that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have imposed, although that style can be used in Curl if desired. Curl is both a programming language and a data format. The Curl IDE is an application written in Curl.

Curl supports the Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems.

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