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Dragon is a flexible and concise general-purpose programming language designed for productivity, education, and practical applications.

Designed and developed by Aavesh Jilani, Dragon first appeared in 2018, and, as of this writing, its last stable release was on February 24, 2021. The programming language was designed to facilitate the development of high-quality solutions that can scale. Dragon emphasizes productivity by minimizing boilerplate code, and its simplicity makes it suitable for educational purposes.

Dragon is imperative, in that it allows for step-by-step instructions. Other supported paradigms include support for object-oriented programming, functional programming principles, and natural, intuitive, human-like code. Dragon is also declarative in that it uses nested structures, enabling the expression of relationships and constraints.

With simple syntax, Dragon encourages programmers to write concise code without undue complexity. Its simplicity is a strength, as straightforward syntax reduces the cognitive load on programmers. Other strengths include the fact that it is a dynamic language, allowing flexibility during runtime, as well as its support for various programming styles, and its portability to Windows, Linux, macOS, and other operating systems.

However, as a newer language, it lacks the extensive ecosystem of more established languages and the available libraries might be less comprehensive, as compared to mature languages. While simple, it still requires learning and adaptation.

Dragon is particularly suitable for console and GUI applications.

In summary, while Dragon is not one of the better-known programming languages, it combines simplicity, flexibility, and multi-paradigm support, suggesting that it might be an intriguing choice for programmers looking for a fresh approach to programming.

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