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Designed by Bertrand Meyer, the Eiffel programming language was released by Eiffel Software in 1986 and became an ISO-standardized language in 2005.

The language's design is based on object-oriented programming, particularly Ada and Simula. Intended to facilitate the creation of reliable, reusable software modules, Eiffel supports abstract data types. Software produced by Eiffel should be able to reproduce its design documentation from the text itself.

Several of the features introduced by Eiffel were later adapted by C#, Java, and other languages. Although Eiffel is not one of the better-known languages today, it is actively under development and is used in the aerospace, healthcare, finance, and video-gaming industries, and elsewhere.

The language is part of the Eiffel Programming Method, which is based on principles such as design by contract, command-query separation, uniform-access, single-choice, open-closed, and option-operand separation. Eiffel interfaces with other languages and systems, particularly C and C++.

EiffelStudio is an integrated development environment available under an open-source or a commercial license. EiffelEnvision is a Microsoft Visual Studio plugin that lets users edit, compile, and debug Eiffel projects from within the Visual Studio IDE. Open-source implementations include Gogo Eiffel, LibertyEiffel, SmartEiffel, The Eiffel Compiler, and Visual Eiffel.

Sather was originally based on Eiffel, although the two languages have since diverged. Blue, as well as BlueJ, also have their origins in Eiffel.

The Eiffel programming language, and any of its compilers and implementations, as well as any IDEs, editors, or other tools that have been developed to facilitate Eiffel programming, are the focus of topics in this category. Eiffel user groups, forums, tutorials, and guides are also appropriate for this category.



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