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Pronounced F Star, F* is a general-purpose functional programming language aimed at program verification.

A joint project between Microsoft Research, Inria, and the F* development community, F* was influenced by Coq, Dafny, F#, OCaml, and Standard ML, F* is available as open-source under the Apache License, and is in active development by the F* community on GitHub.

The language combines the automation of an SMT-backed deductive verification tool with the expressive power of a proof assistant based on dependent types. Verified programs can be extracted to OCaml, F#, C, WASM, or ASM code for execution. While previous versions could also be translated to JavaScript, that function is no longer available.

The language's type system includes dependent types, monadic effects, refinement types, and a weakest precondition calculus, which together allow for the expression of precise and compact specifications for programs. Its type-checker is designed to prove that programs meet their specifications using a combination of SMT solving and interactive proofs.

The current version of the programming language is written entirely in F*, and bootstraps via OCaml.

The focus of this part of our guide is on the programming language known as F*. Topics related to the language itself, to any variants or close implementations of the language, or to any editors, IDEs, or tools created to facilitate programming in F* are appropriate for this category, along with any F* user groups, forums, guides, or tutorials.



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