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Designed by Andy and Brian Frank, Fantom is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that runs on both the Java virtual machine (VM) and the .NET common language runtime (CLR), and will also compile to JavaScript for use in web browsers.

Fantom supports functional programming through closures and concurrency through the actor model of concurrent computation and blends aspects of static and dynamic typing. On the strong side, Fantom requires users to annotate field and method signatures with types. On the other hand, the language takes a lighter approach towards type declaration Type inference is often used for local variables and collection literals. Fantom can call a method using strong or dynamic typing.

Fantom was created in 2005, influenced by C#, Erlang, Java, Ruby, and Scala. It is available for Windows and Unix-like platforms, including Mac, as open-source software under the Academic Free License. It is packaged with a standard windowing toolkit known as the Fantom Widget Toolkit (FWT). The FWT was designed to be portable across several platforms, but is currently implemented on the Java VM using a Standard Widget Toolkit as a backend, allowing FWT applications to be run in a web browser.

The focus of this category is on the Fantom programming language. Resources related to the language or to any tools designed to facilitate Fantom programming, as well as Fantom user groups, forums, tutorials, guides, or informational sites are appropriate.



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