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Flan-T5 is a large language model (LLM) developed by Google researchers in 2022 and has been fine-tuned on multiple tasks.

Used in artificial intelligence (AI) applications, Flan-T5 can be used in various natural language processing (NLP) tasks, such as summarizing long conversations into more concise summaries, or to classify text into different categories, such as spam or not-spam, positive or negative, as well as politics, sports, or entertainment. This may be helpful in applications designed for content moderation, customer support, r personalized recommendations. It can also be used to create applications to extract information from electronic health records and other healthcare documents.

Flan-T5 is an open-source language model, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, although it may be used for commercial applications.

Flan-T5 is based on Google's T-5 (Test-To-Text Transfer Transformer) model, which used a text-to-text approach.

Unlike GPT-3, Flan-T5 does not require large devices or a huge computing budget because its smaller models and checkpoints are created for the common citizen. Flan-T5 is also capable of detecting sarcasm, and is very intuitive; it is able to reinterpret the questions.

Currently, Google has released five versions: Flan-T5-small, Flan-T5-base, Flan-T5-large, Flan-T5-XL, and Flan-T5-XXL.

Flan-T5 is capable of translating between more than sixty languages. It can answer general questions, as well as historical questions and speculations as to the future. Flan-T5 is also capable of solving math problems when giving the reasoning.

Necessary to achieve the full potential of Flan-T5, fine-tuning adapts the model to specific tasks, allowing for customization of the model to better suit a user's specific needs and data. As this can be done on a local workstation with a CPU, Flan-T5 is accessible to a wider range of users. Fine-tuning requires a variety of libraries and tools, which may be found through some of the resources listed below.

FLAN stands for "Fine-tuned LAnguage Net," while T-5 stands for "Text-To-Text Transfer Transformer."

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