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The Haskell programming language was released in 1990 and is still actively maintained and updated. Its main implementation is the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, named for Haskell Curry.

After Miranda was released in 1985, interest in functional programming languages grew. Miranda was the most popular, but it was proprietary. At the Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture conference in 1987, there was a consensus to form a committee to define an open standard for functional languages, consolidating the existing functional languages into a common one to serve as a standard. The product was the Haskell programming language, which was defined in 1990.

Since then, development has continued, with the Glasgow Haskell Compiler representing the de facto standard. Other major implementations include Hugs and the York Haskell Compiler. Closely related languages, which may be listed in this category, include Curry, a functional/logic programming language based on Haskell, as well as Disciple, Distributed Haskell, Eager Haskell, Generic Haskell, Hume, and Parallel Haskell.

A strong user community has grown around the language. Regular conferences include the International Conference on Functional Programming, the Haskell Symposium, the Haskell Implementors Workshop, and Commercial Users of Functional Programming, some of which may include other programming languages, as well.

The focus of this category is on the Haskell programming language or any of its implementations or closely related derivatives, any editors or tools designed specifically for Haskell programming, tutorials, user groups, or other resources.



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