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Designed to allow young new programmers to develop simple projects, Hopscotch is a visual programming language developed by Hopscotch Technologies.

Primarily used on iPad or iPhone iOS devices, Hopscotch is the first programming language designed for a touch-screen device.

The Hopscotch UI allows users to drag and drop blocks to create scripts that can be played when activated. The language and its applications are primarily designed for children between the ages of ten and sixteen.

Hopscotch is also a coding application that allows children to create their own games, stories, and art on iPad and iPhone devices, but it is not currently available for Android devices. The player for Hopscotch is available on the web, where it is known as the Webplayer. The web player brings Hopscotch projects to almost any browser, where it is designed to work the same as the in-app player, although the Webplayer does not have functionality for coding, uploading, or liking projects.

Hopscotch can be used to help children develop problem-solving skills while creating and playing games on their devices.

The Hopscotch programming language was heavily influenced by Scratch, which also allows users to drag blocks to create scripts. The idea was to create a language that was slightly easier to grasp than Scratch. Hopscotch was also influenced by AgentSheets, one of the earliest block-based programming languages designed for children. The notion of events and rules combining conditions with actions in Hopscotch is similar to that in AgentSheets.



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