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Inspired by Swift, Hylo is a new programming language, as of this writing, that aims to combine speed, safety, and simplicity.

Originally known as Val, the language leverages mutable value semantics and generic programming for high-level systems programming.

Led by Jean-Philippe Bernardy, a professor of computer science at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, Hylo's develop hope to create a language that is fast by definition, safe by default, and simple.

Hylo is compiled ahead of time to machine code, and relies on its type system to support in-place mutation and avoid unnecessary memory allocations. As the language is designed to avoid hidden costs such as implicit copies, it does not depend heavily on an optimizer for its basic performance.

The language's foundation of mutable value semantics ensures that ordinary code is memory-safe, typesafe, and data-race-free. Through explicit, auditable opt-in, Hylo programmers can use unsafe constructs for performance where necessary, and they can build safe constructs using unsafe ones.

Similar to Swift, Hylo demonstrates a user-friendly approach to generic programming and deep support for value semantics. Its programming model strengthens and extends this support beyond Swift while de-emphasizing reference semantics and avoiding the complexities involved in making it statically safe.

As of this writing, Hylo is under active development and is not ready to be used yet. The code on the compiler is open-source and hosted on GitHub, which includes a forum for community discussions.



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