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Unicon is a dialect of the Icon programming language, created to add support for object-oriented programming, and to offer better access to the operating system.

First known as IDOL, Unicon included a POSIX filesystem and networking interface, and an open database connectivity (ODBC) facility. Its name - Unicon - is shorthand for Unified Extended Dialect of Icon. Unicon added to the input-output (I/O) and system interface, enhancing Icon's core control and data structures. Rather than producing lower-level APIs, as-is from C, Unicon implements facilities that are at a higher-level and which are easier to use. It enables rapid development of graphics-intensive and network-intensive applications, adding to the core text and file-processing strengths of Icon.

Unicon's features include classes and packages, exceptions as a contributed class library, loadable child programs, monitoring of child programs, dynamic loading of C modules in some platforms, multiple inheritance, ODBC database access, a POSIX system interface, 3D graphics, and true concurrency on platforms that support POSIX threads.

When it is operated as a graphical IDE, Unicorn continues to offer links to Icon help.

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