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Created by Steve Dekorte in 2002, Io is a pure object-oriented programming language with a prototype-based model similar to that in Self and NewtonScript, removing the distinction between instance and class.

Io was inspired by Act1, Lisp, Lua, NewtonScript, Python, Self, and Smalltalk. In Io, as in Smalltalk, everything is an object, and it uses dynamic typing. Programs are just data trees, similar to Lisp. Io uses actors for concurrency.

The language is executed by a small, portable virtual machine, leading to its minimal size and openness to using external code resources.

Ioke and Potion were influenced by Io.

The focus of this category is on the Io programming language. The language itself, compilers, editors, or any tools designed to facilitate programming in Io are appropriate for this category, as are tutorials, guides, forums, or user groups for the language.



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