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Created in the early 1990s, the J programming language was a synthesis of APL and the FP and FL function-level languages.

Developed by Ken Iverson and Roger Hui, the J language is free and open-source, released under the GNU General Public License. It can be used on Apple macOS, GNU/Linux, and Microsoft Windows.

J is a functional programming language that uses functional composition to model computational processes. Like APL, J views everything as an array. Computations are expressed as pipelines among functions that apply on the appropriate axis of each array. Diverging from APL, the language introduces tacit form, where arguments are implied, a concept that is fundamental to defining J programs.

A very terse array programming language, J is suited for mathematical and statistical programming, particularly when performing operations on matrices, although it is also used in extreme programming and analysis of network performance.

The J language is under active development by JSoftware.

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