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Just Another Language (JAL) is a high-level programming language and compiler, similar to Pascal, that generates executable code for PIC microcontrollers, produced by Microchip Technology.

Designed by Wouter van Ooijen, and released under the GNU General Public License in 2003, JAL is a free-format language with a compiler that runs on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, and MS-DOS, with Apple Mac OS X support. The language is configurable and extendable through the use of libraries and can be combined with PIC assembly language. In 2006, Stef Mientki began development of a new version, known as JALV2, which was programmed by Kyle York, and beta-tested by an international user group.

The JAL compiler is freeware and may be used for any purpose other than for life-critical or weapons systems. The JAL libraries are also free, under a GNU Library General Public License. However, the source code for the JAL compiler is not available.

The focal point of this guide is on the JAL (Just Another Language) programming language. Topics focused on the language or any implementations or dialects, as well as compilers, editors, or other tools created to facilitate programming in JAL, are also appropriate for this category, as are any guides, manuals, tutorials, user groups, or forums for the language.



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