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Designed by Jonathan Blow to be a better language for programming games than C++, Jai can also serve as a general alternative to C++.

Among the goals for the language is to foster the joy of programming, simplicity, low friction, and good programming.

Jai is specifically meant to be a game programming language, where a game is defined as a program that runs in real-time, is interactive, renders some sort of 3D scene, and is targeted at modern gaming hardware like PCs and consoles.

Jai is an imperative static/strongly typed C-style language, but with a variety of modern language features that are lacking in C.

The Jai Community is actively developing the language, and a beta release date for the language has not yet been officially announced, although there are hundreds of complete working Jai examples.

Eventually, the aim is to open-source the language.

There is, however, another programming language that is sometimes referred to as the Jai Language. This is Jaithon, a programming language designed by Raami. This language is said to be simpler than Java and offers certain benefits over Python, such as faster execution speeds, more intuitive syntax, and simpler concepts. This appears to be an experimental language created for teaching purposes.

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