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Designed by Andrew Kelley, and first released in 2016, the Janet programming language is less than one megabyte in size, allowing it to be run on constrained systems.

It is also considered to be a simple language, with a small core that consists of only eight instructions: do, def, var, set, if, while, break, and fn. Despite its small size, Janet is a usable programming language. It is a general-purpose language that can be used for both scripting and programming purposes. Designed to be simple, embeddable, and efficient, it runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS, and can be easily ported to new platforms.

Janet is a good system scripting language, or a language to embed in other programs, but it can also be used for rapid prototyping, dynamic systems, and other domains where dynamic languages shine. While Janet is embeddable, it comes comes more out of the box than many other easily embeddable languages, such as threading, networking, an event loop, subprocess handling, a regex-like library called PEG, and more.

Programmers can compile Janet programs into statically linked native binaries and distribute them to others who have never even heard of Janet before, where they can be run without the need to download or install anything else.

In summary, Janet is a programming language for system scripting, expression automation, extending programs written in C or C++ with user scripting availabilities, or general-purpose computing.

Janet makes a good scripting language or a language to embed in other programs. In that regard, it's like Lua or GNU Guile. However, it has more built-in functionality and a richer core language than Lua but is smaller than GNU Guile or Python, but is much easier to embed and port than Python or GNU Guile.

This part of our computer programming language directory covers the programming language known as Janet. Topics related to the language, such as its official websites or repositories, as well as those of any compilers, IDEs, or other tools or utilities designed to facilitate programming with Janet, as well as tutorials, forums, developer communities, or others.



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