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Designed by Paul Graham and Robert Morris in 2008, the Arc programming language is a dialect of Lisp. Free and open-source, it is available under the Artistic License.

Among the goals that Graham had for the new language was brevity, arguing that it is better for a language to implement a small number of axioms, even when that means that the language may not have all of the features that large organizations want, such as object-orientation. When the language was released, reactions were mixed. Some referred to Arc as merely an extension of Lisp or Scheme, and not a programming language its own right, while others approved of it for stripping Lisp down to its essentials.

Shortly after it was released, Arc was ported to JavaScript and supported by an integrated development environment (IDE) based on Eclipse, known as Schemescript.

Currently, the language is developed and maintained by the authors, Paul Graham and Robert Morris, as well as other members of the Arc community. Due to perceived slowness in updates in the official Arc language, some members of the Arc community have begun their own repositories with unofficial modifications, extensions, and libraries. One of these, Anarki, permits anyone to submit changes to the project and maintains a community-managed Wiki. Others include Arcadia, and implementation of Arc in C, and Rainbow, which is an implementation of the language in Java.

The focus of this subcategory is on the programming language known as Arc, which might be considered a dialect of Lisp or a programming language in its own right. Websites whose content is focused on Arc, or any of its implementations, official or otherwise, are appropriate for this category, as are any editors or tools designed to facilitate programming in Arc, user groups, forums, tutorials, guides, or other resources.



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