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Clojure is a modern dialect of the Lisp programming language on the Java platform.

Created by Rich Hickey, who had previously developed dotLisp. He spent about two and a half years working on the project before announcing it to the Common Lisp community. Released in 2007, its development is community-driven, and managed through the Clojure Project page, with development discussions taking place in the Clojure Google Group. Issues and ideas are discussed, and processed by a team of screeners, with Rich Hickey approving any changes.

There are a number of implementations of the Clojure programming language. Clojure is the original Java-based implementation, ClojureScript compiles to JavaScript, ClojureCLR is for Microsoft's .NET framework, Clojure-py is Python-based, Clojure-scheme compiles to Scheme, and ClojureC compiles to C.

As a dialect of Lisp, Clojure shares Lisp's code-as-data philosophy and powerful macro system.

Appropriate topics for this category include any of the Clojure implementations, as well as websites hosting user groups, tutorials, and other topics related to the language.



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