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Shen is a portable functional programming language that supports pattern matching, static type checking, and optional lazy evaluation. It is a second-generation dialect of Lisp.

Created by Mark Tarver and introduced in 2011, Shen was derived from Qi, extending the functionality of the Qi language, particularly in its portability. It also incorporated several features that were missing in Qi, moving the language beyond its dependence upon Common Lisp. Although Lisp is a powerful language, its usage and libraries don't compare well to other languages like Python. Shen was designed to run under several platforms.

Shen's sequent calculus is Turing complete for logical proof and computation. For type checking, it offers extra power and convenience as compared to Prolog, from which Shen's logic engine is based.

Shen is free for non-commercial or commercial use under the BSD License, although a cloud-based, high-performance development of the language incorporates graphics and concurrency.

This guide is focused on the Shen programming language. Resources for the language itself, as well as any editors or tools designed to facilitate programming in Shen, and any Shen user groups, forums, tutorials, guides, or reviews are appropriate for this category.



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